The Bell 412EPI has the impeccable reputation of reliability in some of the most extreme climates. Its versatile cabin accommodates an array of options to suit any specific mission needs. With its Bell BasiX ProTM Integrated Avionic System, pilots are provided increased situational awareness and safety features. The Bell 412EPI’s Pratt & Whitney PT6T-9 Twin Pac® engines deliver enhanced hot-high performance and improved Category A/JAR OPS PC1 performance. Additionally, with the Bell 412EPI the takeoff capability is enhanced with 600+ lbs capability while decreasing the required minimum helipad size to 60 ft. in diameter.

  • 123Kts

    Max Cruise

  • 398Nm

    Max Range

  • 2Crew+14Pax

    Seating Capacity



When business requires you to travel in extreme conditions, look to the Bell 412EPI to always get you there and back. The board of directors can be accommodated on the Bell 412EPI with its spacious, configurable 220 ft3 /6.2 m3 cabin. Also you can tote your guest's luggage easily with the Bell 412EPI’s large 28 ft3/0.8 m3 baggage compartment.  

The Bell 412EPI is known as a true daily workhorse in the energy sector. The expansive cabin accommodates varying needs in a safe and reliable platform. Optional mission equipment for an energy configuration further enhances the Bell 412EPI’s capability. Options include emergency floats with life rafts that mount to the skid gear in the event of a water landing, a radar that provides weather awareness and avoidance alerts, wire strike and a belly-mounted high intensity search light that provides night visibility.

When disaster strikes, you need extraordinary resources to respond. You need the Bell 412EPI. The cabin features space to carry four medical attendants and up to six patients or two critical patients. The 7.7 ft/2.3 m. sliding doors on both sides of the Bell 412EPI allow for fast and easy patient loading and unloading.

The Bell 412EPI is as versatile as your daily requirements. As one of the roomiest, most flexible and cost-effective aircraft on the market, the Bell 412EPI can be configured to an airborne command center, an air ambulance platform, special operations or a homeland security base. It can be equipped with an optional hoist and cargo hook for increased multi-mission capability, including search and rescue, firefighting, HEMS and mass evacuations.


Proven Power

Pratt & Whitney PT6T-9 Twin Pac®, with 4,000 hour TBOs, has a take-off rating of 1,800 shp/1,342 kW. An optional kit provides the use of an additional 96 shaft horsepower in OEI condition for 30 minutes. This reliable engine averages 166,700-hours mean time between in-flight engine shutdowns. This aircraft is ready with power when you need it.

BLR Strake and FastFin®

Bell Helicopter has partnered with BLR Aerospace to provide its performance, safety and efficiency enhancing Strake and FastFin® as a standard feature on new Bell 412EPI aircraft orders. The system incorporates two parallel stall strips along the tail boom and a reshaped vertical fin. These modifications combine to optimize airflow around the tail boom, improving the handling, stability and lifting capacity of the Bell 412EPI in all environments, especially high and hot conditions.


? Dual Pilot IFR with 3-Axis Dual Digital Automatic Flight Control System, Standard Equipment ? Certified for Single Pilot or Dual Pilot IFR

Safety in Mind

The Bell 412EPI is equipped with a variety of safety features including: proven reliable engines, transmission with chip detection and debris collection, superb autorotation, rollover bulkheads and rupture resistant fuel cells. Optional additions that further enhance the Bell 412EPI’s safety include, wire strike protection system, vibration monitor system, and self-sealing fuel cells.

Proven Technology

The Bell BasiX Pro™ Integrated Avionic System with four 10.4" high-res LCD multi-function display units provides critical flight information in an easy to scan layout. The system, first introduced in the Bell 429, is specifically designed to meet the requirements of twin engine helicopters and is optimized for IFR, Category A and JAR OPS3 compliant operations.

Multi-Functional Displays

Display options include radar, search radar, HTAW, GPS/FMS Map, TCAS traffic information, Category A Calculations, Hover Performance, Power Assurance, normal and emergency checklists, user-defined checklists, weight and balance, electrical schematic, last exceedance/OEI, log page and maintenance and set-up pages including ADIU data, ENG/ECU and chip history. Optional multi-sensor camera/video image and up to two additional optional video sources.

Garmin GTN-750 at Your Fingertips

Integrated with the Bell BasiX-Pro™, the Garmin GTN-750 provides WAAS GPS navigation with touch screen controls, rubber-band flight planning, high resolution digital maps, electronic charts and approach plates, terrain data displays and control of the new ADS-B reporting transponder.

Spacious Cabin

With useful load capability of 5,100 lbs/2,313 kg, seating for up to 14 passengers plus one pilot and cabin floor space of 52 ft²/5 m² the cabin of the Bell 412EPI is highly configurable for any mission that calls for transporting crew and/or equipment.

Open Doors for Any Mission

Standard aft-sliding door and swing-out forward cabin door providing a 7.7 ft/2.3 m opening for quick and easy loading and unloading



VNE 140 kts 259 km/h
Max Cruise 122 kts 226 km/h
Range at VLRC* 363 nm 672 km
Max Endurance*   3.8 hrs
Standard Seating   1+14
Maximum Seating   1+14
Standard Fuel 331 US gal 1,251 litres
Aux Fuel (Optional) 33 or 163 US gal 123 or 617 liters
Cabin Volume 220 ft³ 6.2 m³
Aft (Baggage) Compartment Volume 28 ft³ 0.8 m³
Empty Weight (IFR Standard Configuration) 7,071 lbs 3,207 kg
Max Gross Weight (Internal) 11,900 lbs 5,398 kg
Max Gross Weight (Internal, Optional) 12,200 lbs 5,534 kg
Useful Load (Internal, IFR Standard Configuration) 4,829 lbs 2,190 kg
Useful Load (Internal, Optional, IFR standard configuration) 5,129 lbs 2,190 kg
Cargo Hook Capacity 4,500 lbs 2,041 kg