JEPL is equipped to provide a host of services to undertake activities that are part of any EPIC offshore project or field development and maintenance including the following:

  • Pre engineering/ Pre and Post-construction surveys
  • Installation and demolition of Riser Clamps and Risers
  • Subsea spool installation and Tie-ins
  • Installation of J-tubes/I-tubes/Z-tubes
  • Installation of Flexible risers & umbilical’s
  • Installation of Clamp-on structures
  • Installation of Conductors
  • Installation of Subsea manifolds and PLEMs
  • Subsea grouting operations
  • Stabilization and protection for various subsea structures
  • Free span and Crossover corrections for rigid and flexible pipelines
  • Installation of SBMs & PLEMs
  • SBM operations and maintenance
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS)
  • Installation of Mooring Terminals
  • Modification of obsolete structures
  • Inspection Repairs and Maintenance of Subsea structures
  • UWILD/Recertification surveys
  • Barge Bumper Installation & removal
  • Boat Landing operations