• Providing Pro- Active strategic inputs to Principals relating to market intelligence required for critical business decisions.
  • Detailed SWOT analysis of the competition to formulate a winning strategy for our Principals.
  • Deep rooted understanding of the E&P profile of the country within the experienced marketing team of Enpro helps the Principals to analyze and estimate the true business potentials in their respective segments.
  • Nurturing and strengthening the existing relationship with E&P operators in the country including ONGC, RIL, GSPC & others and initiatives to map the new entrants into the E&P sector.


  • Experienced technical team provides support for submission of technically compliant bids for various customers.
  • Pro-active advice relating to rig operations & incidents thereby avoiding /minimizing disputes.
  • Provides help to various Principals to monitor the performance of their assets deployed in the country.
  • Detailed comparative analysis of technical features of the offered/available assets of various Principals with the client’s requirement and with the competing assets.


  • Strategize & prepare bidding proposals and effective negotiations to ensure Principal is qualified and ultimately secure the contracts by formulating the right bidding strategy which meets customer’s requirements in terms of acceptable contractual terms & conditions,pricing and mobilization.
  • Collection of receivables from customers in a timely manner in coordination with various functional departments of customer and Principal.
  • Backed up by experienced and skilled commercial team, Jubilant Enpro acts as an interface by playing a key role in disseminating the understanding of the tender and contracting terms to the Principals which helps in smooth execution of the contracts with various clients in India.


  • Equipped with legal professionals having in-depth knowledge and wide range of experience in the laws, customs and business practices of the country.
  • Legal Team advises the Principals on the Contracts, tenders, tax, dispute resolution and compliance issues. It also keeps the Principals updated on any changes in the law, rules and regulations affecting their respective businesses and how to deal with the same.
  • Provides prompt and able back-up support to the Principals in the resolution of disputes through mechanisms like Arbitration, Conciliations through OEC etc.
  • Also renders active support to the Principals by causing appearance before the various quasi judicial authorities and pursuing their legal matters before various High Courts and the Supreme Court.
  • Legal team provides support to principals for submission ensuring legally compliant bids for their various customers.