Formed in 1993, Red Box is a market leader in supply of portable power product technology to the aviation industry and military operators. A ISO 9001:2000 accredited company, majority of its products are NATO codified and built to military requirements.

As the Sole Authorized Distributor of Red Box International in India, Jubilant Enpro looks after all the customer requirements in the region.

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The Red Box range of power units are designed to offer every variation of power needed for Aircraft, Vehicles, the Rail Industry and the Military.They have a full range of start units including:

12/24/28v Start Power Units

The ideal solution for starting the majority of DC aircraft. Designed to start the very smallest aircraft right up to large business jets, there are a range of voltages and power capacities available.

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12V/24V & 14V/28V Switchable Start Units

With the Red Box 'switch cable system' these switchable units can outlive similar products on the market by up to 100%. Red Box dual voltage systems comprise of 2 batteries cleverly configured to ensure that an equal amount of current is drawn from both cells, regardless of whether you are using the unit in 12V or 24V mode. Available in pure lead and lithium.

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Lithium Start Power Units

The Red Box range of Lithium start units are the lightest in the world. These GPU's weigh as little as 7.2kg; with maximum outputs of up to 8000 Amps. As with all Red Box ground power units the lithium range can be twinned together to create larger capacity units.

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10V to 30V DC Continuous Power

The RBSC and RBPS range are specifically designed and built by Red Box to provide the cleanest possible DC power unit. The products range from 25 Amps up to 600 Amps (if you require more please refer to the RBC5000 TRU range). The units are able to switch between two voltages, set at 14V and 28V as standard, but this may be set at different voltages on request. Almost all units are mains powered units, with the exception of the TC400/28C, which is a battery unit. To find a suitable continuous unit for your aircraft and needs, please email us.

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Combination Start and Continuous Units

The TC3000A range is simply a combination between Red Box battery pwered start units and our mains powered continuous power supply units. When plugged into the mains, these units will supply up to 225Amps continuously, dependent on the model. When unplugged they will give up to 5000 peak Amps, dependent on the model.

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HybRED Start & Continuous Power

This Red Box Unit combines a petrol engine with a bank of batteries to offer the slickest combination unit I the world. The weight and the size of the unit is unrivalled, making it the obvious choice of Business Jet owners and operators.

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Transformer Rectifier Units

The RBC5000 is designed to be extremely user friendly and offer excellent power to weight and size ratio. The unit is over powered; this means you can guarantee the power this unit offers. The RBSC5000 provides up to 1600,2000 or 3000 peak Amps, comes in an IP54 case and is capable of working at temperatures from -20°C to +50 °C. Other variants are available and units can be built to specification.

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Continuous Battery Power Units

No fuel, no pollution, no noise.
The TC400/28 range is designed to give silent, clean power. These 28V DC power supplies can offer both continuous power for a set time, and start power. With a built in 'flashing' light, the units will tell you when it is time to charge them. They also come with a built in voltmeter and an external charger that allows you to leave them on charge when not in use, ensuring they are always ready for operation. The range is designed specifically for use when mains power is not readily available. They are maintenance free, with n moving parts- making these units an extremely cost effective, environmentally friendly option.

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