• 3,500

    4 Passenger Range

  • 476

    Maximum Cruise Speed

  • 12

    Maximum Passengers

  • 1,600

    Full Fuel Payload

The Evolution Leads to a Reolution

The Citation Longitude® – a revolution in business aviation. No super-midsize business jet gives you more range, greater payload or higher cruise speed at a lower total ownership cost. Providing the quietest interior in its class, more standard features, and a comfortable cabin with a superior fit and finish, the Citation Longitude will revolutionize your business travel.



More Room In Flight


Enjoy the quietest interior in the super midsize category


This aircraft has set the bar in cabin comfort


In-flight accessible baggage compartment allows easy access to your belongings



Nextgen-Capable Flight Deck

Pilots have complete touch-screen control of navigation and communication systems with the next evolution of the Garmin™ G5000™ flight deck.

The Next Advance in Crew Capability

The new standard for efficient flying, the Citation Longitude features fully integrated autothrottles and LinxUs™, the industry's most advanced on-board diagnostic system. With head-up display and enhanced vision capability, the Citation Longitude facilitates eyes-up flying. The spacious cockpit incorporates easier access and an ergonomic design that fully focuses on crew comfort and efficiency.



Standard Features

  • Fully integrated autothrottles
  • Three large 14-inch glass displays
  • Four touch-screen controllers
  • Garmin synthetic vision system (SVT™)
  • Synoptics for key systems
  • Industry-leading diagnostics
  • In-flight diagnostics reporting


Length 73 ft 2 in (22.30 m)
Height 19 ft 5 in (5.92 m)
Wingspan 68 ft 11 in (21.01 m)
Wing Area 537 sq ft (49.91 sq m)
Wing Sweep 28.6 degrees
Wheelbase 31 ft 7 in (9.63 m)
Tread 9 ft 8 in (2.95 m)
Cabin Interior
Height 72 in (1.83 m)
Width 77 in (1.96 m)
Length 25 ft 2 in (7.67 m)
Maximum Passengers 12
Baggage Capacity
Weight 1,115 lb (505.8 kg)
Volume 112 cu ft (3.17 cu m)
Maximum Ramp Weight 39,700 lb (18,008 kg)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 39,500 lb (17,917 kg)
Maximum Landing Weight 33,500 lb (15,195 kg)
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 26,000 lb (11,793 kg)
Usable Fuel Weight 14,744 lb (6,688 kg)
Usable Fuel Volume 2,200 gal (8,328 l)
Basic Operating Weight 23,356 lb (10,594 kg)
Useful Load 16,344 lb (7,414 kg)
Maximum Payload 2,644 lb (1,199 kg)
Full Fuel Payload 1,600 lb (726 kg)
Maximum Cruise Speed 476 ktas (882 km/h)
4 Passenger Range 3,500 nm (6,482 km)
Takeoff Field Length 4,900 ft (1,494 m)
Landing Distance 3,400 ft (1,036 m)
Maximum Operating Altitude 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
Maximum Climb Rate TBD
Maximum Limit Speed 0.84 Mach (0.84 Mach)

Manufacturer Honeywell
Model HTF7700L
Thrust 7,600 lb (33.81 kN)