The Bell 525 Relentless, featuring the ARC Horizon flight deck system, provides unparalleled crew situational awareness through the use of a fully integrated avionics flight deck coupled with an advanced fly-by-wire flight control system, resulting in enhanced safety levels and mission capabilities.

  • 160

    Max Cruise

  • 615Nm

    Max Range

  • 2Crew+20(Std) /16(ExtraWide) Pax

    Seating Capacity



The Bell 525’s best-in-class cabin volume with its unrivaled configuration flexibility provides comfort and ease for VIP transport. With its ARC Horizon flight deck, pilots have superb crew situational awareness, further enhancing the safety of flight. Additionally, the Bell 525’s LIVE rotor hub technology has the Bell 525 best-in-class for low noise and vibration allowing conversations without strain.

The Bell 525’s payload and range performance along with its spacious cabin volume makes it a game-changer for the energy industry, especially for deep-water missions. Superb economics combined with an airframe designed for reliability make the Bell 525 the number one choice for all offshore operations.

When speed, cabin usability and unparalleled crew situational awareness are essential, the Bell 525 delivers. The ARC Horizon® flight deck improves operational safety in unforgiving conditions, especially when lives are at stake.

With a highly reconfigurable main cabin, 162 kts/300 km/h speed for rapid response and excellent side and over-the-nose crew visibility, the Bell 525 Relentless delivers precision, safety and consistency across all parapublic helicopter missions.


Next Generation Engine Technology

Known for its rugged, fuel-efficient and exceptional performance, the CT7-2F1 provides reliable power and performance for all missions.

ARC Horizon Flight Deck

The Bell 525 Relentless is the first commercial helicopter to incorporate the intuitive Garmin G5000H, a touchscreen avionics suite for enhanced situational awareness and improved pilot integration due to fewer hand/eye movements in the flight deck. Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology™ (HSVT) gives pilots a 3D depiction of terrain, obstacles, traffic and more in any condition. With its proactive hazard interventions through high-bandwidth capabilities, the Bell 525 avionic system sets the new standard for vehicle control in austere environments – precisely, safely, consistently, taking operational safety to the next level.


The Bell 525's fully digital fly-by-wire flight controls allows operators to fly demanding missions in almost any environment safely and reliably. Advanced control laws offer maneuvering confidence and envelope protection with enhanced repeatability. Fly-by-Wire flight controls provide the ability to operate demanding missions safely and reliably with decreased pilot workload.


The Bell 525’s payload/range performance, cabin volume, and flight crew visibility aren’t just best-in-class. They define a whole new standard for helicopter capability, reliability, and safety. The Bell 525 provides an exceptional passenger experience through best-in-class cabin and cargo volume, flexible cabin layout options, ergonomics, and ingress/egress solutions.

Flexible Configurability

Designed for functionality, flexibility, and passenger comfort the Bell 525 offers a fully flat cabin floor highly configurable with 16 passenger seats in a standard OGP compliant layout. Its floor “puck” system allows for easy seat removal for reconfiguration to suit any mission's needs.

Exceptional Visibility

With wrap-around windscreens the Bell 525 provides a wide field-of-view during takeoff, cruise, and landing and excellent over-the-nose viewing as well as less view obstruction due to side-stick controls.



Max Cruise Speed 160 kts 296 km/h
Max Range* 560 nm 1,037 km
Standard Seating (20 in wide seats)   2 Flight crew + 16 Passengers
Passenger Cabin Floor Area 88 sq ft 8.2 sq m
High Density Seating   2 Flight Crew + 20 Passengers
Standard Fuel 650 US gal 2,461 liters
Passenger Cabin Height 54 in 137 cm
Baggage Compartment Volume 128 ft³ 3.6 m³
Hover Ceiling IGE** 11,200 ft 3,414 m
Hover Ceiling OGE** 8,600 ft 2,621 m
Max Gross Weight 20,500 lb 9,299 kg
Max Gross Weight (External Load) 21,500 lb 9,752 kg
*Max GW, Sea Level, ISA, standard fuel, no reserves, VLRC
** Max GW, ISA day
Engines   2x GE CT7-2F1