The Bell 429WLG adds retractable nose and main landing gear with electrical flight deck actuation and braking capability to the Bell 429WLG's advanced integrated avionics and proven speed range and hover performance.

  • 154Kts

    Max Cruise

  • 412Nm

    Max Range

  • 2Crew+6Pax

    Seating Capacity


Time-Saving Landing Gear

The added flexibility of the retractable wheeled landing gear makes the Bell 429WLG ideal for both repositioning in limited spaces and situations that require ground taxi - saving you time and effort getting you where you need to go. Drag is reduced due to the absence of skid landing gear and an increased cruising speed. With optional kits for retractable landing gear doors or emergency flotation, the Bell 429WLG is suitable for a variety of missions.

Optional Clamshell Doors

Optional rear clamshell cabin doors slide aft, opening with minimal effort and hugging the fuselage for convenient operation in strong winds or while the aircraft is running or in-flight.

High-Performance Engine

The Bell 429WLG's powerful engines and high OEI-rated transmission provide superior engine performance. Certified for Category A operations from ground level helipads, elevated helipads, runways at maximum gross weight, on hot days and at altitude means almost no mission or operating environment is beyond your reach.

Increased Gross Weight Kit

A growing number of countries have adopted Transport Canada’s approval of an internal gross weight increase kit. This takes the Bell 429WLG internal gross weight from 7,000 lbs/3,175 kg to 7,500 lbs/3,402 kg, providing a useful load of 3,012 lbs/1,366 kg.


● Flight Manual Supplement ● Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS) ● Cockpit Voice Recorder/Flight Data Recorder (CVR/FDR) ● Flashing Forward Light ● Radar Altimeter

Fully-Integrated Flight Deck

Maximizing situational awareness, the Bell 429WLG’s fully-integrated flight deck monitoring suite ensures outstanding maintainability and aircraft readiness as its software performs workload reducing calculations including IGE, OGE, and Cat A/PC1 profiles, weight and balance, and power assurance checks and exceedance monitoring. There’s even a Power Situation Indicator (PSI) that further reduces pilot workload.

IFR and SBAS Landing Capability

The aircraft is certified for single and dual pilot IFR operations with SBAS/WAAS capabilities enabling the aircraft to conduct point-in-space approaches in ceilings as low as 250 ft. Fully coupled with 4-axis autopilot capability permits a steep approach of up to 9 degrees.



VNE 155 kts 287 km/h
Max Cruise 154 kts 284 km/h
Range at VLRC* 421 nm 779 km
Max Endurance*   4.5 hrs
Standard Seating 1+7
Maximum Seating   1+7
Standard Fuel 217 US gal 821 litres
Aux Fuel (Optional) 39 US gal 148 liters
Cabin Volume** 204 ft³ 5.78 m³
Baggage Compartment Volume 74 ft³ 2.1 m³
**Empty Weight (Standard Configuration) 4,715 lbs 2,139 kg
Useful Load (Internal, Standard Configuration) 2,285 lbs 1,036 kg
Max Gross Weight (Internal, Optional Max GW)*** 7,500 lbs 3,402 kg
Max Gross Weight (External Load) 8,000 lbs 3,629 kg
* Optional Max GW, ISA, Std fuel - no reserve, at 4000 ft (1219 m)
** Total contiguous area, including baggage compartment. Does not include copilot volume of 28 ft³/0.8 m³
*** Requires optional and retrofitable internal gross weight increase kit, certified by Transport Canada