Since 1982, Able Aerospace Services Inc. has helped aircraft operators and fleet owners safely reduce operating costs by providing resourceful solutions. Able provides FAA-approved parts, along with repairs, overhauls, exchanges and partnerships for majority of Aviation OEMs.

Able’s devoted team of over 450 production, engineering, quality, customer service, sales and support employees makes it the best value alternative around for aircraft parts and maintenance.

As Sales & Marketing Representative of Able Aerospace Services in India , Jubilant Enpro offers a wide range of solutions and capabilities including Repairs & Overhauls, Exchange Programs and Approved Replacement Parts.

Only Able

Able provides customers with the most options for maintaining their aircraft. Our team of seasoned engineers introduces dozens of repair, overhaul and approved replacement parts solutions each month, and our repair experts provide full-circle maintenance service through our new, state-of-the-art facility.

With more than 95 percent of our work completed on-site, Able drives unit costs remarkably low and passes those savings on to our customers. Plus, with an impressive inventory of piece parts and higher assemblies, we can service your aircraft from top to tail.



With a wide range of solutions and capabilities, Able has your aircarft covered from to tail.

  • Hangar AMC
  • approved replacement parts
  • fixed wing repairs
  • rotor wing repairs
  • electroplating chemical processing
  • machining grinding
  • paint stripping cleaning
  • non destructive testing
  • hydraulics
  • bearings icon
  • Coldspray Icon
  • millitary Icon
repair and overhaul

Able’s repair and overhaul solutions have protected our Customers for millions of dollars in direct maintenance costs while meeting or exceeding the trade’s maximum benchmarks of performance and safety.

And with more than 450 on- staff professionals, including dozens of degreed engineers and hundreds of expert repair specialists, we continue to complete almost 100 percent of that work in house with global certification by airworthiness authorities such as FAA, EASA, DGCA, ANAC, CAAC, JCAB and others.

Our advance exchange program allows replacements to materialise swiftly, enabling you to make routine component changes in as low as 24 hours and get your aircraft back to work.

Able has one of the industry’s deepest pools of dynamic components and exchange resources.

Able’s massive FAA and EASA approved replacement parts inventory completes one-stop service circle. Up to 50 percent savings on replacement parts and a value partner for your bottom-line maintenance costs when a part or component simply can’t be repaired.

Able’s Special processes can help with your custom work. Our team of experienced technicians, backed by our Technical Support and Engineering Department, will provide you with a level of expertise, service and quality that is unmatched in the industry.

approved replacement

We offer high-quality, FAA approved replacement parts. Another way to lower operating costs and end downtime.

Able’s immediate, on-the-shelf exchange options cut costs, decimate supply chain delays and get your aircraft off the ground and back in the air in record time.

For small-scope projects… Able offers overnight exchanges on individual parts and components, eliminating traditional repair turnaround times.

Able’s massive FAA and EASA approved replacement parts inventory completes our one-stop service circle. With a global reputation for their engineering achievements, our Able Aerospace team consistently and successfully develops lower cost and typically longer lasting replacement parts solutions. The result: an up to 50 percent savings on replacement parts and a value partner for your bottom-line maintenance costs when a part or component simply can’t be repaired.

Able Maintenance

As part 200,000-square-foot Able headquarters campus, the Able Maintenance Center – or AMC – offers experts specializing in all aspects of helicopter completions, ranging from avionics upgrades to top-quality paint services

This team is supported by Able’s in-house MRO services and world leading parts inventory.

With direct access to an active runway for truck-in or fly-in aircraft, the AMC is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most comprehensive, one-stop helicopter maintenance centers for local and international customers.

Services Include

  • Avionics suite upgrades
  • Custom flight decks, including Garmin G500H
  • HeliSAS autopilot systems
  • ADS-B and FDM compliance upgrades
  • Installation of mission-specific equipment
  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) Installations
  • Upgrades to Garmin glass cockpits
  • Medium- and large-fleet maintenance management
  • Paint services
Help Desk

Able and Jubilant Enpro understands the critical nature of AOG and is here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Count on Able’s customer service and maintenance experts to get your aircraft fixed and repaired.

24/7 AOG HELPLINE: +1 480-232-6062
24/7 AOG EMAIL: or

Save thousands
on repairs with
FAA approved
replacement parts


Lead Lag Bearing

OEM 407-310-102-101/103 Bell 407


Input Pinion Adapter

OEM 206-040-048-101 Bell 206A, 206B, 206L, 206L1, 206L3